1995 Geo Prizm LSI ( Chevy Prism ) ( Toyota Corolla )

damaged hit  fix  repair salvage  parts clear title

Our vehicle was hit over 4th of July weekend, in the middle of the night, by a careless (probably drunk) driver who took off, while parked in front of our home.  The vehicle still runs and drives.  All doors still open and close like the day I bought it.

The damage is pretty obvious in the pictures below.  Is the car repairable?  I can not honestly answer this question although it looks like it could be. I am a mechanic, not a body man, but  I believe it needs: trunk, bumper, bumper support, right rear 1/4 panel work, right rear inner and outer lens/lamp assemblies, and rear/truck frame/metal work.  Right rear tire is flat from impact of hit.  It hit curb and probably popped its bead,  I can remove wheel and reseat bead and inflate tire if winner of auction wishes.  The wheel (rim) has some minor curb rash from the hit.

Although the car provided great transportation since we owned it, I did not feel it was worth the time and money to fix. It would also be a great parts car for another geo/chevy prism or toyota corolla (they are the same cars!!)  I am starting this auction at a $1 and will be sold to the highest bidder.


vin: 1Y1SK5283SZ029554  

CLEAR Title!

1.8L 4-cylinder | 5-spd manual trans

102,000 miles

GREAT GAS MILEAGE - 30mpg city - 40mpg highway


OEM AM/FM Stereo w/CD Player - Tape Deck

Cruise Control Aftermarket add-on

Power Mirrors

Rear Defrost

Rear Seats split and fold-down

Optional instrument cluster w/RPM gauge

Alloy Wheels

New tire on Right Front, other are about 3 years old and 70% tread remaining

Front and Rear brake pads, rotors and drums replaced less then 2 years ago

Tune-up (spark plugs, fuel filter, air filter) 3 years ago (about 84k)

Email me with any questions. JComitalo@aol.com